There are two ways to create an account. Our personal favorite is for you to send your first email to, and we will shoot you back an email with your own registration link. Alternatively, you can go straight to the registration page (
Send an email to with your delete request, and we will take care of it for you.
After you have created your account, send an email to from your own email address, and the post will be automatically added to your account.
Go to and use the login form on the homepage.
In the cloud baby, in the cloud! Securely, of course.
When you send your email to add hashtags to the subject line. These will be used to tag your post for easy retrieval.
Great question! There are 2 ways to do this. After you have finished writing your post, add 3 empty lines and scribitz will stop reading any content below that point. Alternatively, add ## at the end of the post you want to save.
Scribitz is for private blogging and sharing. Blogs are great for mass and open communication, but many of us want to share thoughts and ideas with just a select group of individuals. This might be business purposes, sharing internally with colleagues, or for your passions and hobbies. On Scribitz today are private bloggers talking about Marketing, Travel, Movies, Photography. Getting started with private blogging is easy. 1. Send your post by email to - there are no limits on size, it could be a simple link and note, a brief thought or something longer 2. Add hashtags to your subject line 3. Login to Scribitz and select the hashtag you want to broadcast and invite members You're done. If you want to build up your content before sharing it, simply send your emails in and wait before sharing. This also allows you to use Scribitz as a very efficient note taking tool, parsing any content you send for your private viewing.